2017 – 2018 School Year


Learning at Bio-Med Science Academy revolves around a year-long calendar  divided into terms. Additionally, there is one  three-week accelerated term that takes place in January.


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The following list represents specific aspects of the school year calendar.  Click on each to learn more and get a definition.


The APEX assessment is the single most important (and most challenging) presentation a student will make each year. It occurs at the end of the school year and demonstrates how well each student has mastered the material they have been immersed in for the entire year. The audience for each year’s APEX presentation will increase every year. For example, seniors will present their APEX to Academy faculty and  professionals from STEM+M industries.


Flex/Enrichment Days

Each term includes specific dates set aside as “enrichment days.” On these single days, students will experience guest presentations at the Academy, or they may go as a group to see a presentation at an off-site location. All presentations will relate to the curriculum they are studying that trimester.  

Accelerated Term
For three weeks in January  the Academy students participate in special classes where they can explore elective course work.  While there are no regular-curriculum electives, the accelerated term gives our students the opportunity to participate in a wider range of learning that may be far away from the core material presented during the rest of the year. Upperclass students may use this term to arrange an internship or independent research project. The flexibility of the accelerated term makes the possibilities for dynamic learning endless for all students.