Unlock your passions
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It’s this simple: Students seeking a new and inventive way to experience learning will thrive at Bio-Med Science Academy.Why? Because our culture actively develops independent-thinking, problem-solving, fully-functioning adults who are passionate about their lives, their careers and the world. Informing this vibrant high school culture are the Academy’s vision, philosophy and goals.

Our vision

Bio-Med Science Academy will work to continuously create an innovative and progressive learning environment; one that cultivates academic excellence and rigor in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine while nurturing creativity, inventiveness and community in its students.

The Academy will provide opportunities to high school students from rural communities and will continue to be an integral part of the Northeast Ohio Medical University campus.

Our philosophy

Bio-Med Science Academy incorporates the design principles established by the Ohio STEM Learning Network and those of the Coalition of Essential Schools into the guiding principles of the Academy. These 12 principles are:

  1. Our intellectual purpose is learning to use one’s mind well.
  2. Curricular design will be shaped by the intellectual and imaginative powers and competencies that the students need, rather than by “subjects” as conventionally defined.
  3. Learning goals apply to all students, while the means to these goals will vary as those students themselves vary.
  4. Teaching and learning will be personalized to the maximum feasible extent.
  5. The governing practical metaphor of the school should be student-as-worker, teacher-as-coach.
  6. Teaching and learning should be documented and assessed with tools based on student performance and mastery of real tasks.
  7. The tone of the school will be one of decency and trust.
  8. The principal and teachers will perceive themselves as generalists first and specialists second.
  9. Resources will be dedicated to teaching, learning and sustainable innovations.
  10. The school will model democratic, fair and equitable practices while building on the strength of its communities and partners.
  11. STEM+M literacy shall be attainable and desirable for all.
  12. Engage in partnerships to accelerate capacity and broaden opportunity.

Our goals

  • The creation of a collaborative culture between our staff, students, parents and  partners.
  • The delivery of problem-based/cross-curricular instruction with current and “real-world” connections, while focused on STEM+M disciplines.
  • 100% graduation.
  • 100% post-secondary enrollment after graduation, with a high percentage of students entering STEM+M majors and careers.
  • Placement of our students’ ACT scores above Ohio’s average score.