Academy Evaluation

Educational Evaluation System


Each student’s mastery of their academic content will be assessed through non-traditional and traditional strategies.  Please see the “Academics” section for more information on student evaluation.


Bio-Med Science Academy’s school evaluation system is contained within a learning analytics model that is designed to measure school success. Beyond course-specific student assessments, the Academy’s evaluation system is meticulously designed to measure the school’s effectiveness and success from many perspectives. The learning analytics model data from a variety of sources encompassing a range of student, teacher and classroom characteristics. This diverse set of data is processed and packaged to not only evaluate the school, but to also inform faculty and staff of interesting patterns and trends that can be used to differentially intervene upon students as they progress through the curriculum.


While the learning analytics model challenges the school to be responsible and accountable for their students and their performance in an untraditional, broader, and more holistic way, it also offers the information and tools necessary for educators to adequately respond to the challenge. Student assessments along career, academic, student engagement, and psychosocial (e.g., wellbeing and adjustment) dimensions will be merged into one unified database, mined to discover pertinent patterns and trends bearing on performance and wellbeing of students and classrooms, and used to tailor students’ experiences and education to maximize their potential.