Partner Organizations


Bio-Med Science Academy has formed vital collaborations with public school systems, colleges and universities, STEM+M-related businesses, and community organizations. In addition to the outstanding resources provided by our founding partner, Northeast Ohio Medical University, the Academy also partners with faculty and staff from the University of Akron, Kent State University, and Hiram College.


Students from other school districts are regularly invited to participate in learning experiences with Academy students so they will have exposure to STEM+M projects. This “learning lab” environment enables the Academy’s progressive practices and programs to be experienced on a regular basis by teachers, students and staff in other State of Ohio K-through-12 districts.


The Academy continues to reach out to corporations in the science, technology, engineering, pharmaceutical and biomedical fields to secure partners to serve as mentors, guest lecturers, seminar leaders and project advisors. Many of our “real-world” partners also invest in the school’s vision by providing additional equipment and financial support.


Our major partners include