Unleash your potential


No bells to signal the beginning and end of classes. No regimented, 41-minute periods. No quarterly letter grades.


The learning experience for a student at Bio-Med Science Academy is like nothing in place at a traditional high school. Our school day is different. Our school year is different. Our curriculum is different.


Anyone walking through the Academy’s halls during a school day will experience a palpable feeling that dynamic, vibrant learning is taking place. The Academy’s program, teachers, staff and administration are all about engaging our students in best practices for every aspect of the educational process. Our courses of study are integrated, interdisciplinary, flexible and problem-based. On any given day, students interact with each other and three or four different teachers on a problem … for three to four hours at a time. Just like the real business world.


The material is rigorous. It’s also stimulating and exciting. Students tackle real-world problems. They are exposed to the challenges and experiences of scientists; biologists; health care professionals; mathematicians; engineers; and information technology specialists.


Students are evaluated based on their mastery of a subject.  Mastery of academic content is determined through a variety of assessments including, paper and pencil tests, electronic portfolios, and term projects. Students who do not achieve mastery of a given subject or satisfactorily complete a term project will be required to persist until mastery is achieved.


Bio-Med Science Academy is not a school just for “gifted children.” It’s a school for passionate students with a keen interest in science, technology, engineering, math, or medicine. We focus on individualized STEM+M learning. Students progress at their own rate and bring their own unique strengths to the table. They are empowered and motivated to explore their interests, develop their passions and unleash their potential in those core areas. And be assured that the emphasis is on “motivated” – Academy students are not coddled. Our education delivery approach is open, engaging, active and takes place in a positive environment, but the material is serious, practical and based in the real world in which we all live.


As students explore the career paths which are so vital to our economy, they also learn what is known as “personal agency.” When they graduate from Bio-Med Science Academy, our students will have a strong sense of self. They will be responsible adults. They will be able to study on their own, govern their own lives, communicate well and be attuned to what it takes to build a stronger community.