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England, Tabatha

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Academy Instructor Tabatha England

England, Tabatha



I earned my Bachelor of Science from Kent State University in 2010. I am licensed to teach grades 4 through 9 with a concentration of Social Studies and Language Arts.


My greatest memory of high school is all of the school spirit I experienced. From playing volleyball and being part of the team, to attending Friday night football games, I loved cheering on our teams with my friends.


What excites me the most about Bio-Med Science Academy is having the opportunity to be part of a brand new school and building it from the beginning. I love that the staff collaborates and integrates often and that we can set an example for all of our students. I also love that we focus on mastering skills and not just a letter grade.


Activities that I love include anything that involves laughter. I enjoy camping with our large group of friends. I love helping my daughters prepare their animals for the county fair and watching them show the animals. I enjoy baking and cooking, but only when someone else cleans up the mess. Most of all, I love spending time with family and friends.