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Hammond, Stephanie

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Hammond, Stephanie

School Counselor


I completed my Master of Arts in Counselor Education with a focus on School Counseling at the University of Toledo. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Leadership Studies from Marietta College. I am currently working on a PhD at Kent State University in Counselor Education and Supervision.


My greatest memories from high school are being members of the volleyball, basketball and track teams throughout my time there. We were competitive and successful and the relationships I built both on and off the court with my teammates were truly memorable.


The growth of the Academy is what excites me most about working here. The opportunities that our students have are unlike any other. Whenever someone from outside the Academy comes in, the excitement that they have for our students as they learn about what they do reinforces in me the rewarding feeling that we are truly making a difference.


The activities I enjoy the most are traveling, shopping and exploring new places. I am always up for an adventure!