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Mayle, Katie

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Academy Instructor Katie Mayle

Mayle, Katie



I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education, grades 7 through12, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Walsh University.


My greatest memory from high school is being part of the marching band and twirling on the color guard for two years. It taught me how to be a good leader and listener, and helped me to become more reliable and responsible.


Working at the Academy is a wonderful experience, but my favorite part of it is having the opportunity to take my content and apply it to other content areas through our PBL projects. I love seeing students’ faces light up as they discover how all of their learning fits together to create a larger picture.


Some of the activities that I most enjoy in my free time are reading, swimming, listening to country music and spending time with my family. I have always been very family-oriented and work hard to make that a top priority.