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Sweitzer, Teri

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Paraprofessional Teri Sweitzer

Sweitzer, Teri



I have an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Paraprofessional Education, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.


My greatest memory from high school is a trip taken to Canada with one of our math teachers. He was one of those unique educators who stretched beyond the classroom to enrich the lives of his students.


What excites me most about the Academy is that we are doing it together: staff and students alike are collaborating to create a school, a community and a brighter future for subsequent generations.


Outside of school I still enjoy learning. I constantly find concepts I want to know more about, classes I want to take and subjects I strive to master. Beyond that, my husband and I rescue dogs in need and enjoy the amazing experience of motorcycle travel. We travel to a different state each year with a goal of visiting all 50.