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Replicating Success

The Bio-Med Science Academy Training Center

Bio-Med Science Academy opened in 2012 with a focus on inquiry learning, problem solving, collaboration and creative thinking. Since then, this unique public school has grown to become one of Ohio’s most successful.

The Academy’s success is not magic. At the heart of the school’s achievement is a team of highly motivated, highly skilled instructors with a common passion for sharing knowledge. Throughout the year, these teachers provide instruction in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math and medicine) best practices to educators from throughout northeast Ohio at the Bio-Med Science Academy Training Center.

Training is available for a wide range of STEM learning practices. Review our offering of current courses and register online today.


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Part of our mission, and that of the Ohio STEM Learning Network, is to learn from others and to share what we’ve learned with others. We are committed to supporting STEM approaches in Ohio schools because we know they work.

We invite you to take advantage of one or more of our training offerings. The Bio-Med Science Academy’s Training Center is developing new offerings all the time in response to regional needs. If you are interested in a topic not mentioned on this website, or if you would like more information about one of the workshops listed, please contact us at 330.325.6186 or email us.